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Types of MLM software that we are offering

Rocket MLM software development company offers various MLM compensation plans and MLM software which helps to reduce the complexity of managing your network marketing business. What are you waiting for?
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why you should choose rocket mlm software!

Why you should choose Rocket MLM Software!

Experience the high tech MLM software features, which satisfies your MLM business needs. We also provide:

  • 24x7 technical support
  • Cloud based MLM software
  • MEAN stack MLM system
  • Multi-language support

Get your MLM system issues fixed within an hour. Our technical support team is always online to serve you at any time.

Our cloud based MLM system software helps you to access your data's across multiple devices. Save once and continue your work on any device.

Rocket MLM system supports various languages. Thus it enables you to switch from the default language to your native language.

Technologies used to Develop Rocket Network Marketing Software



We used Angular technology to build the Rocket network marketing software which increases our software load and navigation speed 5X faster than any other software.



Bootstrap technology in Rocket network marketing software allows users to access the software responsively on any screen. Also It is compatible for any browser so that users can access Rocket network marketing software from their preferred browser.



We used MySQL database in Rocket network marketing software which provides 100% data security to your valuable datas. The data in our server are frequently back-up to avoid data loss.

Node Js

Node Js

We developed Rocket network marketing software with Node Js server side programming language which improves the overall performance of our software. Also, Rocket network marketing software is scalable and flexible in any circumstances.

Types of MLM System that we offer

  • Binary System
  • Unilevel System
  • Monoline System
  • Matrix System
  • Cash Gifting System
  • Cryptocurrency System
  • Australian X-up System
  • Spillover Binary System

Features of Rocket MLM Software

Our MLM software comes up with various unique features which assist you to manage all of your network marketing business operations much smoothly. Our features enriched MLM system software helps you to solves your MLM business problems

mlm software ewallet E-wallet

E-wallet is a virtual wallet that helps users to receive their commissions and users can add funds to make payments. As well as they can transfer their funds to other members.

mlm software epin E-pin

E-pin is a coupon that's used to make payments instead of money. Admin can gift E-pins to the users or users can buy E-pins and gift them to other members in the MLM system.

mlm software payout Instant payout

Users can make instant payouts from the wallet to their respective paypal account. Instant payout assists the users making faster payouts without making any furthur delay.

mlm software ticket system Ticket System

The ticket system helps users to solve their issues by raising tickets. Users can brief their issue with a priority level - low, moderate, and high. Thus, enabling Higher priority issues to solve faster.

mlm software rank system Rank System

MLM Rank system motivates the distributors to increase the revenue by rewarding them with a bonus based on the sales. Distributors with higher sales will be promoted to the next level.

mlm software backup Backup System

Backup system Keeps your data safe and secure by uploading it to the cloud on a regular basis. Thus it reduces the potential loss or theft of data from hackers.

rocket mlm software overview

Quick Overview of Rocket MLM System

We solve the complex problems of your direct selling business. Thus, managing your direct selling business is made simple with our MLM system. Some of the unique selling points of our direct selling system:

  • Security
  • Data Migration
  • Data Backup
  • Robust MLM System
  • Affordable MLM System
  • Customizable MLM Software

MLM Compensation Plan Software

Rocket MLM software development company provides different MLM compensation plans with customization for your direct selling business. Rocket MLM software can handle your direct selling business day-to-day activities flawlessly.

binary plan graph

binary Binary MLM Plan Software

Binary MLM plan has a simple structure and it is used by many MLM companies. The binary MLM plan has two legs - left and right. Newly hired members will be placed from the left to right order. A member can hire two members to the frontline and the third member will be placed on the next level. Binary MLM software helps you to manage the members in the binary network.

matrix plan graph

matrix Matrix MLM Plan Software

Matrix MLM plan is also known as Forced matrix MLM plan. The depth and height of the matrix MLM plan can be customized or pre-determined in the matrix MLM software by the admin. Moreover, the depth can be defined only once. Members of the matrix MLM plan will be arranged from the left to the right order. Most popular customized matrix MLM plans are 2x3, 3x3, 3x7 and 5x11.

unilevel plan graph

unilevel Unilevel MLM Plan Software

Unilevel MLM plan is popular for its unlimited width. Members of the unilevel MLM software plan are placed left to the right order in the network. One member can add or sponsor unlimited members to their downline. As a result, unilevel MLM compensation plan grows towards the width. In this unilevel MLM compensation plan, there is no spillover concept.

monoline plan graph

monoline Monoline MLM Plan Software

Monoline MLM plan is known as single leg plan or linear plan. New members will be placed one after one in a straight line. A member can add unlimited new members to their downline. First come First serve is the concept of this plan, Members who join the plan at first will receive many rewards and commissions from their downlines. Monoline is the simplest MLM plan in the MLM compensation plan.

gifting plan

cashgifting Cash Gifting MLM Plan Software

Cash gifting MLM plan is also known as friends and family gifting plan. Cash gifting MLM software has a flower loom structure that contains 4 different levels - fire, air, earth, and water. Fire level is the initial level and members of the fire level will gift to the water level member. Upon receiving the gift amount from the fire level members, the water level member will get out of the loom.

shopify mlm software

shopify_plan Shopify MLM Plan Software

Integrate your Shopify store with MLM software to track the commissions of your downline members. Tracking your Shopify store revenue, member commissions, affiliate bonus, signup bonuses are made simple with the Shopify MLM software. Shopify MLM plan software helps you to calculate and view the overall commissions, that's generated on your Shopify store.

What makes Rocket MLM system different from our competitors?

Our MLM developers have standardized experience in developing direct selling software. Which puts a solid foundation to your direct selling business towards success in your MLM journey.

affordable mlm software price Affordable Price

Are you looking for an affordable MLM software with unique features? Then, You are at the right place! Rocket MLM software comes up with a variety of unique features at an affordable cost.

mlm software support 24/7 Dedicated Support

Experience the seamless customer care support that's available 24/7. A dedicated team is always available to solve your queries at any time.

graph icon Scalable code structure

Rocket MLM software is developed with scalable code structure that enables improved user experience. Our scalable code structure enables upto a million users to access the data at the same time.

css3 Modern web framework

Built with modern web frameworks like Angular, and Node js which enhances websites flexibility and improves the loading time. Also, it enables smooth navigation between the web pages.

mlm software dashboard Detailed dashboard

Access your direct selling business information in our detailed dashboard which displays the E-wallet balance, bonus, payout overview, commissions, top earners, and rank overview.

help desk Help desk

Our network marketing software is developed with the best helpdesk system which enables the communication between user and admin. Users can raise tickets to the admin to get their issues resolved.

Rocket Direct selling software can be used in these MLM Industries

Manage all of your MLM industry tasks effortlessly using our direct selling software. Which is developed by our MLM experts to handle any challenging MLM industry operations perfectly.


Direct Selling Fitness Industry Growth

The fitness industry growth seems to be optimistic because nowadays everyone is more concious about their health.

The fitness industry gathered the attention of people from all over the world. Leading a healthy life has become the trendiest topic! Thus, the fitness industry is pumping at an incredible pace.

Equipping the best MLM software boosts your fitness industry growth thrice faster and vaster.
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Direct Selling Insurance Industry Growth

The Insurance industry can be classified into many categories. Some of the popular insurance categories are:

Health Insurance, Life Insurance Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Liability Insurance, Auto mobile Insurance. Comparing the other insurances, life insurance is adopted used by many people.

MLM software helps to manage the insurance industry operations more smoothly.
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Direct Selling Cosmetics Industry Growth

The cosmetics industry is the second most popular industry after the health & wellness industry. Moreover, the cosmetic products won't be a burden for distributors to sell.

From ancient times people have been using makeup and cosmetics products. As a result, the cosmetic industry has a strong attraction towards people.

Direct selling software helps you to take control over your MLM business in the cosmetics industry.
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Direct Selling Household Industry Growth

The household industry has a vast growth because it satisfies the day-to-day living needs of the people.

There is always a high demand for household products. Also, there are plenty of household products to sell. Every product has a unique set of audience or people.

Thus, robust MLM software is required to manage the sales details and commission rates in the household industry.
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Herbal & Skincare

Direct Selling Herbal & Skincare Industry Growth

The herbal and skincare industry has tremendous demand and growth because people from all over the world use herbal and skincare products

People choose chemical free products instead of choosing products that are filled with unknown chemicals. This reason alone can explode the herbal and skincare industry products to different countries.

Worldwide growth is assured in the herbal & skincare industry. As a result, scalable and powerful MLM software is required to handle the vital MLM industry operations.
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Experience the limitless integration which allows you to Integrate all of your favorite applications with Rocket direct selling software. Integration boosts productivity and enhances the security of the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions regarding our MLM service or MLM software? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions list. If our FAQ section has not delivered the message you are looking for. Drop us a line at our contact page, we will have you cleared!

Yes, Rocket MLM software can be customizable to your MLM business needs.
Yes, we will provide the source code of the MLM software at the time of our software delivery.
yes, our MLM software has E-commerce integration support with these platforms: Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, and Opencart.
The base price of our MLM software is 599 USD.
Of course, we are always available around the clock to resolve your queries.
Absolutely, the available third party API integrations are CRM, E-mail, SMS, Payment gateways, and E-commerce sites.
The expected delivery time of our basic MLM software would be around 7 to 10 business days. But, in some cases, our delivery time may vary for the customized MLM software.
Yes, we do support multiple payment gateways like paypal, stripe, bitpay, coinpayments, sofort, square, skrill and apple pay.
Definitely yes! It is possible to integrate cryptocurrencies for payment in our MLM software.
Of course, but depending on the overall data size and data formats the transfer speed and time may vary a bit. And the time required to transfer the data from your old MLM software to ours would totally depend on the network speed and geographical location.
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