Binary MLM Plan Software

Pick up the best Binary MLM software for your MLM business and grow your MLM business with our binary MLM software. We cut down your MLM business problems to zero with our binary MLM system, which enhances you to manage your binary system with 3x productivity.


Rocket binary system is created by a team of MLM experts. And our binary system can handle all of your MLM business activities perfectly. Which enables you to focus on your targeted customers. Addition to that our customizable binary MLM software is packed with unlimited futuristics features

Working & Structure of Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM compensation plan is widely used MLM plan which is simple to understand. In this plan, the network grows in a tree shaped form. A Binary MLM plan is associated with two legs in which each member is placed on the left or right side of the network as per the choice of their distributor. The placement of the legs on the left or right side enables the growth of the binary MLM plan to different levels.

Suppose, if a distributor adds more than one member to the binary network. The newly added members will automatically be placed on the most preferable position from left to right in the network. This method in binary MLM plan is called spillover. One can add only two members to their frontline, more than two members will result in a spillover


Advantages Of Binary MLM Compensation Plan

The binary MLM plan has many advantages. Here, we listed some of the major advantages of the binary plan.

Unlimited Network Depth

The binary network has unlimited growth potential. Members of the binary MLM network can add unlimited members as their downlines. Here, Both the downline and upline members work together by adding new members to the network to expand its growth. Thus, the binary system can attain tremendous growth within a short time with no boundaries!

Earn Rewards from your Downline's Recruits

Every upline member in the binary MLM system can earn a decent amount of commissions and bonuses from their downline member's successful signup. In the binary system, it is not mandatory to add new members to earn commissions. If an upline member sponsors, a new member to the downline. Each of the upline members will get benefit from the downline in the binary MLM network. This means the new downline member in a binary MLM software will reward the upline members at different levels.

Simple Network Structure

The majority of the members like to join in a binary MLM system because of its simple network structure. The binary MLM system has two legs. Where the new members of the binary MLM network can be either placed on the left side of the leg or on the right side of the leg. In which the Binary MLM software attains a tree shaped structure growth in the network. As a result, it is easy for the newly joined members to grasp the binary system structure and its growth.

MLM Binary Bonus

The basic binary network grows in the formation of 2x2 nodes in the binary network (like a tree shaped structure). Whenever a member of the binary MLM network adds two new members to their frontline. They will receive a particular binary bonus for satisfying the binary network.

Note: A member doesn't need to add two new members by themselves to their frontline to get a binary bonus. Even if their upline members sponsor of two new members can also satisfy the binary network and results in binary bonus. 


  • Are you seeking for the best binary system? check out our free  MLM software demo!
  • Talk to us by scheduling a live session and elevate your MLM business with the right binary MLM plan software!
  • Talk to us by scheduling a live session and elevate your MLM business with the right binary MLM plan software!

Commissions & Bonuses in Binary MLM Plan

A binary MLM compensation plan has various commissions and bonuses. Here, we listed some of the commonly used binary commissions and bonuses in the binary MLM software are:


Introducer or Sponsor Bonus

When one member adds or sponsors a new member to their frontline or downline of the binary system. They will receive a type of bonus, that is called an introducer or sponsor bonus which can also be called as a referral bonus. For every member successful signup, the sponsor members will receive a particular commission.

Pairing Bonus

Balancing the left and right legs equally in the binary system rewards the sponsor with a pairing bonus and the pairing bonus flat or percentage may depend on the company's payout structure. Different companies provide different pairing bonuses to their sponsors. But, whenever a sponsor balances the binary system by adding new members to the left and right leg, they will receive a pairing bonus.


Matching Bonus

The matching bonus is given to the members who are newly added to the downline, also their sales will give a bonus to their corresponding sponsors in the binary MLM software. These rewards are known to be the matching bonus in the binary system and the matching bonus can be either percentage or an amount.

Rank Advancement Bonus

The members who satisfy the company's set of conditions will be promoted to a higher rank. On moving to the higher rank the members will receive a rank advancement bonus in the binary system either in percentage or flat. Also, rank advancement has a reset duration which is defined by a company. After that period all the member's ranks will be reset to zero and every member in the binary MLM software will be at the beginner level.


Signup Bonus

The signup bonuses are given to the newly joined members of the binary system after their successful registration. However, the signup bonus are set to encourage the new members which can boost their performance in the binary MLM software. Companies can fix their signup bonus either in percentage or flat.

Direct Referral Bonus:

Members who refer new members to their downline of the binary system will receive a direct referral bonus, which is paid either in flat or percentage by the company. Also, new members who all are signing up via one member's referral link also eligible to get the direct referral bonus.


Benefits of using our Binary MLM software

Modern Web Framework

Our binary MLM software is developed with a modern web framework, which improves the overall functionality of your MLM business. You can experience the lightning speed, endless flexibility, and compatibility that you wish, By using our binary system. Impress your customers by providing them with the best binary MLM software that has the best web framework. Our modernized web framework provides a compelling dashboard and user designs. Which will be a feast to your eyes!

Fastest Commission Engine

Just sit tight and get paid to your complex binary system commission at ease! Our binary MLM software can calculate any challenging binary commissions that are insane to human minds. Additionally, admins of our binary system can configure the commission payouts rates to the users either in fiat or percentage. With the fastest commission engine, our binary MLM software can reflect your commission payout at an instance.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

In our binary system, the admin can collect payments from users around the world at an instance with the help of multiple payment gateway integration. This is a much-needed feature when it comes to attracting global customers and some of our popular payment integrations are PayPal, stripe, klarna and so on. Thus, your binary MLM business attains standard expansion in its network worldwide in different geographical locations!

Third Party API Integration

Integrating your MLM business to any platform is made simple in our binary MLM software. As rocket's binary system comes with a third party API integration. Where admins can submit the request for API integration to the developers and get the third party API integration of their favourite application.

High Security

Your privacy is our concern! Thus, having this line in our thoughts, our team at rocket MLM developed a binary system. That's not only packed with unique features, but also safe and secure from data thefts, data corruption, and data loss. A frequent data backup is executed in our binary MLM software. Which ensures the data security of your's as well as your customer's data.

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