Matrix MLM Plan Software

Rocket Matrix MLM software is made with perfection! And using the rocket matrix system you can track all of your MLM business sales commission in one place. Which aids you in managing your MLM business easier without consuming your huge potential time.


Rocket MLM software development company offers the best matrix system that's tailored to your MLM business requirements. Also, our MLM software is suitable to handle any operations from any scale MLM business. Concluding that, We have the best in business matrix MLM software ranging from basic to advanced levels.

Working & Structure of Matrix MLM Plan

Matrix MLM plan is also known as forced matrix plan or ladder matrix plan. The network structure of the matrix MLM plan is simple to understand, as this plan grows in the network with the simple formation of width x depth (WxD). The width and depth can also be called as rows and columns respectively. Moreover, the width and depth of the matrix MLM software can be predetermined or fixed by the admin. In other words, the levels of the matrix MLM can be fixed by the admin. But, the admin can only fix the width x depth only once.


Advantages of Matrix MLM Compensation Plan

The Matrix MLM plan has many advantages. Here, we listed some of the major Matrix MLM plan advantages

Simple Plan

Members who are new to the matrix system can easily understand the matrix network structure! In this plan, the new members are added to the width and depth from the left to right. And it has the simplest network growth. As a result, the beginners with zero MLM knowledge can understand this plan thoroughly without any extra effort!

Customizable Width and Depth

Admins of the matrix MLM software can customize the width and depth of the matrix MLM plan according to their MLM business needs. The customizable width and depth structure in the matrix system makes it easier for the users as well as admins to control and modify the matrix MLM network.

Immense Growth

The growth of a matrix system varies according to the depth of its network structure. However, the admins can fix the depth and width as per their wish in the matrix MLM software. Thus, this plan holds some massive depth growth from which new members can get good commissions and bonuses.

Great Earning Opportunities

Due to the matrix system's fixed depth. A newly joined member in the matrix MLM software will make handsome money in a short span of time. If the admin of the matrix MLM software sets the depth too high. Then, the members have a high chance to earn a great amount of passive money or income. As a result, the rapid network growth and a good amount of passive income make this MLM plan popular among various countries. Which is widely adopted by many large as well as small scale MLM companies.


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Commissions & Bonuses in Matrix MLM Plan

A Matrix MLM compensation plan has various commissions and bonuses. Here, we listed some of the commonly used Matrix commissions and bonuses in the Matrix MLM software


Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor bonuses are given to the members who actively sponsor new members to the downline of the matrix MLM software. The sponsor bonuses are given to the members to motivate them and to increase the sales rates in the matrix MLM plan.

Level Commission

Whenever a member of the matrix MLM plan makes an e-commerce sale. Then, that particular member's first, second, and third upline members will receive a level commission. Also, the admin can fix the level commission either in fiat or percentage. A higher number of e-commerce sales made by a member will result in a higher level commission amount.


Matrix Bonus

The matrix bonus is given to the members who have satisfied the levels by placing new members in the matrix MLM plan. But, here the matrix MLM plan can be fixed by the admin's wish. Thus let's consider an example that the matrix plan is fixed by the admin in the 3x3 structure. To receive a matrix bonus in this network structure. A member of the matrix plan has to hire 3 members to the frontline to satisfy. Note: A member doesn't need to add new members by themselves to their frontline. Even if their upline members sponsor can also satisfy the matrix network.

Benefits of using our Matrix MLM software

Customizable Network Structure

The best thing about matrix MLM software is "width and depth can be customized as per our MLM business needs". Although the matrix system possesses the customizable feature. Every MLM software won't support or operate fully functional with the customizable feature. Some MLM software may have certain restrictions in its customization option. Thus, considering this we developed matrix MLM software. Which is customizable to any desired MLM needs of the admin.

Tremendous Earning Potential

When compared to the other MLM plans, the earning potential in the matrix system is quite big. As this plan supports the depth and width customizable options. The admin can fix or set the matrix system network growth. Suppose, If the admin sets a high number of levels or depth, then the overall earning potential will be huge in numbers. Note: If the admin sets the depth too low then the earning capability will reduce. And it may increase with the higher depth or level

Informative User Dashboard

Users and admins can track their MLM business performance, commissions, rewards, earnings and much more in the dashboard section. Our informative matrix system dashboard communicates with the user and admins. By displaying the important data's on the screen at first.

Simple Genealogy Tree

Members and admins of the matrix MLM software can access their complete network structure overview in the genealogy tree section. Where the overall downlines and uplines of the matrix system are represented in the simplest form. Using the genealogy tree the members and admins can understand the position of various members at different levels.

Advanced Ticketing System

Our advanced ticketing system helps the users of the matrix system to report their queries or issues on a priority basis of low, moderate, and high. And the admins of the matrix MLM software will pick the tick and solve it per the priority level. Also, users can chat with the admin about the issue through tickets.

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