MLM Software Features

man with mlm software features

Rocket MLM software has a variety of features that assist you to operate your MLM business more effectively.

Reaching more potential and engaging audiences or customers from all over the world is no longer a tedious task.

A perfect MLM plan with the best MLM software helps you to extend your MLM business worldwide. Check out the unique features of Rocket MLM software which is listed below:


Genealogy Tree

Genealogy tree gives you the complete overview of your network growth in a tree form. It's easy to view your network members at different levels with their sponsors, parent.

Multi Currency

Multi Currency allows you to check the current market value of your native currency to any foreign currency. The currency values are frequently updated.

Full Responsive

This feature allows users to access Rocket MLM software across multiple devices like PC, Mac, tablet and phones without any screen tearing or design issues.

Promotional Tools

Through banners and text invites, users can promote your MLM business and products on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Report System

Report system gives regular update about your MLM business sales and bonuses. Also you can track the performance of your MLM business in the MLM software.

Multi Language

Multi language allows users to switch any language in the MLM system. It helps you to expand your MLM business worldwide and attract users across different countries!

SMS Gateway

The registered users of MLM software will be notified via sms at the time of successful payout or for every successful new downline member signup.

Fund Transfer

Users can transfer the amount on their E-wallet to other users E-wallet in the MLM system. All the Funds are transferred in a safe and secure manner.


Integrate the E-commerce stores such as shopify, woo-commerce, and magento with our best MLM software, and track your sales, revenue and the top selling products.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment gateway integration with Rocket MLM software enables you to collect funds from your international clients. This feature allows admins to send payouts.


Deposit feature enables users or admins to add funds to their e-wallet in the MLM software. The deposited amount can be used to make purchases.

Member Management

Admins can manage, view and access multiple member profiles and their downline members, earned commissions, sign up bonus and much more in the MLM software.


Rocket MLM software system supports multiple MLM compensation plans. MLM business owners can get a customized MLM software as per their requirements.

KYC Document

This feature allows you to know about users details by collecting a photocopy of their original documents like passport, driving license, pan card etc.


Admins can upload videos, audios and documents about the company. Users can view and access the details of the company in the E-learning section.

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