Unilevel MLM Plan Software

Manage your unilevel MLM business effortlessly with our unilevel MLM software and deliver the high class service to your worldwide customers. We provide the best unilevel MLM software for your MLM business, With our unilevel system, excellent support and robust quality are guaranteed.


Rocket MLM Software development company offers the best unilevel direct selling software. So, that you can focus more on your customers. Rocket unilevel MLM software is developed by the MLM masterminds to break down all the MLM complex problems.

Working & Structure of Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM compensation plan is a commonly used MLM plan, which has basic network structure. In an unilevel MLM plan, there is no spillover concept, thus new members are placed directly to their distributor's frontline. One distributor can add an unlimited number of new members to their frontline. As every member is placed directly to their sponsor's or distributor's frontline.This plan grows its network towards width, resulting in broader width growth.


Advantages of Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan

The unilevel MLM plan has many advantages. Here, we listed some of the major unilevel MLM plan advantages

Unlimited Width & Depth

In the unilevel MLM compensation plan, the growth is vast because one member can hire or add as many new members of their wish in the network without any restrictions. Thus, it enables the unlimited width and depth growth of the unilevel MLM software. The unlimited width and depth growth result in a faster and vaster expansion in a short span of time.

Unlimited Frontline Hires

Members of the unilevel MLM software can hire and place as many new members to their frontline. Thus, the unilevel MLM compensation plan has no spillover concept.


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Commissions & Bonuses in Unilevel Plan MLM Software

A Unilevel MLM compensation plan has various commissions and bonuses. Here, we listed some of the commonly used Unilevel commissions and bonuses in the Unilevel MLM software


Sponsor Bonus

As its name suggests, Sponsor bonuses are awarded to the members who add new members to their downline. In the unilevel MLM software, the sponsor bonus can be fixed by the company as per their wish. Typically a sponsor bonus is given to the distributor or sponsor as an encouragement for their recruit.

Signup Bonus

A newly joined member will receive a signup bonus upon completing the successful signup in the unilevel MLM software. These signup bonuses are given to the members to increase their confidence and boost their sales performance as part of their MLM journey.


Level Commission

If a member makes an e-commerce sale, then that particular member's first, second, and third upline members will receive a different level commission which is fixed by the admin in the unilevel MLM software. The admin can set the commission distribution either in percentage or flat to different levels.

Rank Advancement Bonus

The members who have satisfied the company's set of criteria or conditions will be advanced to a higher level along with this rank advancement bonus.In the unilevel MLM software, the members will be retained to their default rank after a duration of time which is prefixed by the admin.


Pool Bonus

In unilevel MLM software, whenever a member makes sales, a corresponding sales flat or percentage will be stored in the pool. After a week, month, or quarter members of the unilevel MLM plan will get their respective pool bonus either in flat or percentage. Note: Here, the bonus percentage or flat and pool bonus releasing duration can be fixed as per the admin's wish.

Benefits of using our Unilevel MLM software

Unlimited Width and Depth

The unilevel MLM software has unlimited growth in its network. As this plan has no spillover concept. Means that one unilevel member can extend the network width by adding more new members to their frontline. If a member adds many members to their downline. Then the attained network growth would be wider than usual. However, there are no limitations in adding new members to the Rocket's unilevel system.

Infinite Frontline Recruitment

A member of the unilevel system can add an infinite number of new members to their frontline. However, there are no width and depth restrictions in the unilevel MLM software. One member can add as many members in width and depth. Whereas in any other MLM plans there are width and depth restrictions. eg: Matrix MLM plan. Thus, this plan possesses a higher level of growth than any other plan. And many MLM companies prefer this plan because of its growth and infinite frontline recruitment.

Limitless Earning from Downlines

For every successful new member signup, the upline members will get a signup bonus in the unilevel system. Also in this plan, there is a limitless earning opportunity from the unilevel downline members. Where the uplines of the unilevel MLM software will receive level commissions from the downlines. This level commission distribution to different levels can be fixed by the admin of the unilevel system.

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